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London Fashion Week Spring 2013 Hits and Misses (Forum Buzz)

London Fashion Week is in its final day, and though the city’s designers squeezed a week’s worth of collections into just five days of shows, there were a lot of standouts for Spring 2013. As usual, some labels (or many, it was tough to narrow down as there was a lot to love!) rose to the top of the heap, and others failed to meet expectations. Here’s what forum members thought of London’s highs and lows this season.

London Fashion Week Spring 2013 Hits - Jean-Pierre Braganza, Christopher Kane, Preen

The Hits: Jean-Pierre Braganza, Christopher Kane, Preen


Jean-Pierre Braganza

“This is insanely good… all the cuts are amazing. A true highlight on the first day of London Fashion Week. The colors and prints are perfect and completely awesome. Everything here works and is just stunning. The play with proportions, shapes, interesting cuts, deconstructed elements and asymmetry is so good. Very exceptional. I'm so in love with this collection.” [Psylocke]

“Very strong and confident. I like the graphic lines presented in this collection, and the prints add a bit of an edge to the pieces. The asymmetrical cuts are done nicely, with a great deal of fluidity. Beautiful hair and makeup also.” [WilhelmF]

“Totally sharp and modern!” [Not Plain Jane]


Christopher Kane

“I always adore the juxtaposition of zany and tame from Kane, this is brilliant. The dresses with the bow print were the standouts for me, I'm not a girlie-girl, but those are gorgeous!” [HeatherAnne]

“This collection contains some of the most beautiful dresses we'll probably see all season.” [LolaSvelt]

“Just looked at the detail shots and wow, I'm blown away. From the fabrics to the construction, this is fantastic!” [LagerfeldBoy]

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“I really like this! I am not usually a fan of florals but somehow those rose prints really are gorgeous! Dreamy yet modern. The combination of the clean cuts with the prints works so well… this collection should sell well.” [RedandNavy]

“Preen has been hitting it right on the mark lately. I absolutely love it. I especially love the rose prints, very well done and well juxtaposed. Lovely.” [StoneSkipper]

“A fantastic, balanced, cohesive collection. I love it.” [adorefaith]

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London Fashion Week Spring 2013 Misses - Moschino Cheap & Chic, Marios Schwab, Peter Pilotto

The Misses: Moschino Cheap & Chic, Marios Schwab, Peter Pilotto


Moschino Cheap & Chic

“Moschino Cheap & Chic is always among my favorite shows… And I hate to admit; I'm a bit disappointed at this. There are some fun pieces but all in all it's not really blowing me away. Some of the pieces look poorly made… Not one of my favorite collections from the label.” [RedandNavy]

“I see that they were going for the fun-without-looking-tacky thing, but I don't think it worked, simply because it looks tacky.” [StoneSkipper]

“I have to say it's sort of like cheap but not chic.” [HelplessnessGray]

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Marios Schwab

“So unflattering and messy… and so many fringes. I usually appreciate his collections for being very sexy and cleverly done but this looks awkward. I think the top part often doesn't match the bottom part of the dress and the material mixes are weird. I don't really like anything here!” [Psylocke]

“Yikes. What's going on with Marios Schwab? It seems like he's abandoned all of his strong points. This is all over the place.” [StoneSkipper]

“This is such a letdown after last season. There are a few nice pieces but I think the shoes ruin everything.” [TianSoFine]

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Peter Pilotto

“If you didn't know it was Peter Pilotto by name, you'd probably mistake it for Mary Katrantzou or Roksanda Ilincic with prints. And those bell shapes have so been done to death. I honestly miss Peter's quirkiness… that kind of non-conformist quirkiness that Bernhard, Bless, Wendy & Jim, and Ann-Sofie Back have made their names for. I haven't seen it in a while. It's become too ‘fashion.’” [Scott]

“Not my favorite of his. The ruffles push it over the edge of being too busy.” [Masquerade]

“His use of print gets more garish every season.” [LolaSvelt]

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