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Bottega Veneta Spring 2013 Runway Review

The Bottega Veneta woman is often hailed as the woman that girls in their 20s aspire to. She's polished and effortless with a real sophisticated style. This season, Tomas Maier focused on the dress and it really demonstrated his keen editing eye. With a collection as streamlined as this one, it would have been easy to lose interest halfway through but Maier is a master of silhouette so the collection stayed interesting until the very last look. 

Despite the 1940s cuts and retro references, the styling was completely modern and wearable. Maier's woman is not interested in gimmicks or trend driven styles, she just wants clothes that suit her lifestyle for day and night. With the grandeur of fashion weeks past, it's refreshing to see a designer catering for his customer in the most clear and cohesive way possible. This is the type of collection that sends women running to the shops and the buyers of the world are probably sending big orders as we speak.