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John Galliano Spring 2013 Runway Review

Creative director Bill Gaytten opted for oversized proportions for his relatively minimalist, at least by the dramatic standards set by former designer John Galliano, John Galliano collection.

Gaytten's experience with couture shone through in the construction of the gimmick-free collection that was low on embellishments and frills — even makeup and hair this season were kept relatively simple. Who needs frills after all when you can make a dramatic impact with volume? Volume has been pumped up on a number of runways this season, but few did it with as much artful finesse as Gaytten who made even pale purple knee-length trousers, which were about quadruple the size of your run-of-the-mill Bermuda, look appealing. Ditto for an artfully folded cape, a white and yellow print poncho, and a knotted pencil skirt, all of which point to an exciting new direction for the brand.