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Style File: A Chat with Big Time NYC DJ Cash

"I'm a sucker for well-dressed women, whether it's a rocker chick or a woman in a straight-up ball gown, as long as they can rock it and make it work, I like it."

DJ Cash (aka Francesco Civetta) has been a staple on the New York City social scene for years. Currently the resident DJ at hot spot Double 7, he's one of Nur Khan's go-to DJs for pop-up/private events and has spun at countless A-list gatherings including ones at Coachella, the Cannes Film Festival, and Art Basel Miami. He has a clothing brand, Cash NYC, and is currently finishing up an EP before heading to Tokyo for a two month gig.

We spoke to the Manhattan born and bred Cash about what he wears to work, what gets his attention when he's spinning, and…what you might get for $20.

The Fashion Spot: How would you describe your personal style?

DJ Cash: Laid back NYC Style: jeans, boots, ripped up Cash NYC t-shirt, leather jacket or hoodie, and always a black hat when I work — it keeps my hair from going into my eyes.

tFS: Where do you shop?

DJC: Shop? Eh… I make basically all of my t-shirts… Jeans are either Varvatos or Levi's, shoes either Varvatos or Vans… other than that I sometimes scrimmage through vintage shops throughout the city or bid on things on eBay during my downtime.

tFS: Most cherished clothing possession?

DJC: My Varvatos boots. They don’t make the style anymore — I've searched and searched! I've had mine re-soled at least five times in the last three years.

tFS: Do you feel pressure to look a certain way when you're working?

DJC: Not really… I mean, as long as my clothes are clean and my hair isn’t dirty I'm pretty good to go… not to mention I am behind a DJ booth when I work, so mostly people just see my face, hat, and my t-shirt, but when I do events overseas I’ll sometimes rock a partial tux.

tFS: What's the best part of working at places that are as popular as the ones where you DJ?

DJC: The interesting people, the energy derived from the room, and the beautiful ladies I meet…

tFS: How do you think music plays into the overall scene at a place like Double Seven?

DJC: I think music effects the overall scene in ANY room! I think at Double 7 it all depends on the crowd. I vary my musical genres to cater to different crowds and different parties; it's always changing… Some nights people will be grooving to hip hop or dance, other times they just wanna hear some rock-n-roll.

tFS: Do you notice what people are wearing when you're DJ'ing?

DJC: Not always… maybe if a beautiful lady is wearing something stunning I’ll spot her in the crowd and notice her throughout the night.

tFS: Would a person's outfit ever influence whether you would take their musical request or not?

DJC: Ahhaha COMPLETELY! When people come up to me and ask for stupid requests, if they are dressed like cheeseballs I just don’t pay any attention to them unless they have some cash in their hand, and only if it's over $20, anything less is just insulting.

tFS: What do you like seeing women wear?

DJC: I'm a sucker for well-dressed women, whether it's a rocker chick or a woman in a straight-up ball gown, as long as they can rock it and make it work, I like it.

tFS: Any memorable outfits you've seen recently?

DJC: I'm a big fan of girls wearing ripped up t-shirt tank tops; it's just so scandalously sexy — if worn by the appropriate lady that is…

tFS: How does the style compare in NYC vs other cities and countries where you've DJ'd? Where do people have the best style? Worst?

DJC: NYC has great style except for this sweatpants/Uggs look — I don’t know if they got the memo, but this is a city, not a college campus in Massachusetts. I love how people dress in Paris, always so chic and sexy cool. Italy, as much as they used to have great style, I have lost hope lately. And not just in their clothing, their hairstyles and hair color as well. Obviously, that doesn't go for all Italian women, I'm just talking about many of the women I've seen on the street.