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Get Your Fashion Fix With These 5 Coffee Table Books

While we've been obsessing over what designers are sending down the catwalks for spring 2013 while simultaneously covering all the chicest trends for fall 2012, publishers of another sort have been working just as hard on behalf of fashion. Two major publishers of gorgeous pictorial books have multiple offerings for Fall. What does that mean to you? While you may not be able to wear Bottega Veneta, Dior or Harry Winston, you can at least decorate your coffee table with them. Stunning pictures of them, that is. These conversation starters are just the thing to let your love of fashion shine and to hint to your visitors how you prefer to break the conversation ice. Lay them down as conversation starters, but not before you get a chance to read them too. The only thing sexier than a well-clad woman is a well-informed, well-clad woman. Here are some of the tomes we're most excited about getting our hands on!