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Seeing Style Through the Eyes of a Server at Chic NYC Eatery ACME

From the owners of Indochine and BondStAcme is a swanky bi-level restaurant/lounge located in NoHo in New York City. A hot spot since it was revamped and reopened earlier this year, it's known for serving up Danish-tinged comfort food on the main floor and for having one of the best late night scenes in the basement lounge. Acme's owners singled out Hanna Astrom-Zusman as their most stylish server, so we chatted with Zusman about dressing the part, what it's like working in a place as popular as Acme, and about some of the memorable outfits she's seen.

The Fashion Spot: How would you describe your personal style?

Hanna Astrom-Zusman: Pretty minimalist, I like interesting shapes and subtle details, though I would never pass on a great print.

tFS: Where do you shop?

HAZ: My five go-tos are eBay, Assembly, Narnia, Tokyo 7, and Century 21.

tFS: Most cherished clothing possession?

HAZ: A 1940s crystal fox fur cape from my grandmother; it weighs nothing and is incredibly warm.

tFS: Do you feel pressure to look a certain way when you're working?

HAZ: The dining room itself is very elegant, so I do my best to dress up!

tFS: Why do you think people love coming to Acme?

HAZ: People seem to gravitate to Acme because it is very representative of some of NYC's most beloved attributes: delicious food presented in a stylish setting surrounded by interesting people from all corners of the globe—including some from right down the street!

tFS: What's the best part of working at a place as popular as Acme?

HAZ: On certain nights it feels like you are part of this great dinner party, and you can tell that people are really enjoying the food and having a good time.

tFS: Do you notice what people are wearing when you're working?

HAZ: Yes, I like fashion and as a server you have to be observant of the people in the dining room.

tFS: Does what a table is wearing influence how you approach them?

HAZ: Acme has a very diverse clientele, ranging from serious foodies to fashion and art world people to travelers, and they sometimes expect different things when it comes to service.

tFS: What attracts you to someone else's style?

HAZ: I like seeing personal style worn with confidence.

tFS: Sartorial turnoff?

HAZ: Orthopedic looking footwear.

tFS: Any memorable outfits you've seen recently?

HAZ: A woman wearing a heavily embellished velvet Balmain outfit from head to toe.