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21 Questions with…Bravo’s Ryan Serhant

Undoubtedly the most stylish star of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing New York, Nest Seekers International executive vice president Ryan Serhant answers our 21 Questions.

1. A man should always invest in…Good shoes. Every man is judged by his shoes.

2. My favorite neighborhood in New York City is…Tribeca, where I just opened my office.

3. My daily must-reads are…The Real Deal, Curbed, Racked, WSJ, and NY Post.

4. When getting dressed in the morning, I always think…These pants are so tight…

5. The best part of being on a Bravo reality show is…Getting to show the world what I do every day and how I do it.

6. The worst part of being on a Bravo reality show is…Getting to show the world when I mess up at work!

7. The best style tip I ever got…Dress like James Bond.

8. I wouldn't be caught dead in…Carpenter jeans.

9. My fashion pet peeve…This is a tie between cuffs on suit pants and ties that hang too short.

10. On a typical Saturday night…I’m at dinner or in the office.

11. The best part of my job…The money.

12. When it comes to stress…I shop. Or I keep working.

13. The thing I treasure most in my life…My family.

14. When I want to pamper myself I…Go to Aire, the bath house on Franklin in Tribeca. I float in the saltarium and get a massage.

15. My favorite cologne is…Curve.

16. The tech item I can't live without…Blackberry. Never let go.

17. I could never travel without…My iPad. No idea how I ever lived without this thing.

18. I love New York City because…It’s the whole world on one little island and there’s unlimited potential here.

19. If only my days had one extra hour I would…Sleep.

20. My favorite place to shop is…Bergdorf.

21. People would be surprised to learn…I’m single and naturally grey.