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The Fashion Spot’s 10 Best Articles of the Week

1. Jessica Alba Has a Princess Moment in Valentino and Other Best Dressed Celebs of the Week – These dresses will make you long for celebrity hand-me-downs.

2. 7 Compelling Reasons to Cut Your Hair Short – 1) You will look great. 2) Really, really great.

3. The Victoria’s Secret Show 2012: See Every Model and Every Look – To be enjoyed and savored.

4. Getting a Leg Up: Closed Set with Julie BensmanWe tested a whole bunch of hosiery and found 6 pairs of shapewear, tights, and stockings we really, really love.

5. The 20 Most Beautiful Bridal Gowns of 2013 – Even if you aren’t getting married, you’ll want to see these for yourself.

6. Hair in a Hurry: How to Find the Perfect Wash-and-Go Cut for You – Low-maintanance is a good first, last, and middle name.

7. Screw Pants: 10 Pairs of Crazy-Amazing Tights – 10 wyas to keep your hosiery game tight.

8. Allison Williams: This Is What a Rising Style Star Looks Like – This girl is more than just one of the Girls.

9. Go Mod with Ginnifer Goodwin’s Pink 60s Look – Another way to go Sixties.

10. So Pinteresting: A Serious Case of Wanderlust  Weather got you down? Go on a Pinterest vacation.