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Twitterati #Fashion Recap: Givenchy and H&M Collaboration Rumors, Anna Nicole Smith’s Daughter Models for Guess and More

This week on #Twitterati, Lindsay Lohan's latest film premieres to terrible reviews in the fashion world, rumors of a Givenchy and H&M collaboration ensue and excite, and Anna Nicole Smith's daughter lands a Guess gig. For more juicy Twit-bits, keep reading for this week's most happening fashion moments trending in the Twittersphere. 

Lindsay Lohan's Liz and Dick Film Gets Panned by the Critics and the Fashion World


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While Lindsay Lohan's turbulent lifestyle has detracted from the star's acting ability and movie roles, everyone was pretty much psyched to see her channel the late Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime movie Liz and Dick. If the Twittersphere is any indication (and it is), Lindsay's portrayal failed to return the actress to her former Mean Girls glory. The ladies at Purse Blog tweeted, "Oh good,  is over." Fashion blogger Possessionista tweeted, "Why'd they get the hairdresser from Dumb and Dumber to do Dick's hair? ." Celebrity stylist Annabel Tollman added, "Elizabeth Taylor had more charm in her little toenail than Lindsay Lohan has in her entire body in this role. Not working. ." Ouch. Others were a bit less blunt in their word choice. Diane von Furstenberg tweeted, "Watching Lindsay Lohan playing Liz Taylor ! Interesting ! Love Diane." The Fuggirls added, "I do kind of like Lindsay in a beehive. – J ." See, not all was bad! Lindsay's hairstyle got some props.  

Is Givenchy Next In Line to Collaborate With H&M? 

The Fashion Spot tweeted, "Givenchy for … could it be true? " And quite a rumor that is, putting the fashion blogosphere in a whirling tailspin. Fashionista added, "We're not sure we believe it but…it's out there. Is Givenchy x H&M happening?" As our excitement ensued and images of what this crazy (the good kind) collaboration would look like, the rumor started looking a whole lot like the truth. Fashion Magazine tweeted, "Could Givenchy be H&M's latest designer collaboration? All rumors point to yes." Alas, our joy was short-lived as the rumors were denied: "Sad Face: Givenchy is not collaborating with ." (The Cut). 





Anna Nicole's Daughter Follows in Her Footsteps

No, it's not what you think. While Anna Nicole Smith's life was filled with tragedy, including her early death from a prescription pill overdose, the buxom blonde was once upon a time known for her gorgeous modeling shots, including those very famous ones for Guess. "Like mother like daughter! Anna Nicole Smith's daughter is now a Guess model," Fashionista tweets. You may recall that shortly after Dannielynn's birth, not only did her mom die, but the newborn was also part of a nasty paternity custody battle. Now she is all grown up and an official model for Guess' Spring 2013 Kids Collection. Guess? Inc. Creative Director Paul Marciano shared, "Dannielynn has the same playful spirit that her mother had on a set." 

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