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21 Questions with…TV Host and Style Expert Lloyd Boston

Lloyd BostonTelevision host, style expert, and best selling author, Lloyd Boston, is a regular on the likes of the Today Show and The View and now the dapper fashionisto has a new line of ‘style tip’ greeting cards, all of which feature his own illustrations, style tips, and sentiments.

Here, Boston answers our 21 questions.

1. When I get dressed in the morning I always think… what is going to be comfortable, flattering, and balanced in terms of color. 

2. A man should always invest in… a gym membership.

3. When I'm looking to get inspired I… turn off my computer and hit a swap meet, vintage store, or antique strip in a small city.

4. The biggest male fashion faux pas is… thick, over-stuffed wallets in the back pockets of pants.

5. The most treasured item in my closet is… my collection of pocket squares that I have collected for over 15 years—from New York to Europe, L.A, and every vintage shop in between.

6. If only my days had one extra hour… I would use it for a nap or add it to my 8 hours at night.

7. The one electronic I couldn't live without is… my iPod.

8. When I'm stressed I… head to the spa.

9. The best style tip I ever got… was from Leonard Bridges, the creator of, who once explained how “creating something simple is, in fact, the hardest thing to do.”

10. The item of clothing I am currently wearing the most is… my coated denim from Zara.

11. The coolest thing about being on Oprah… having my own hour to talk style on Oprah was life-changing — the coolest part was showing her how to tie a scarf in a traditional hacking knot because it was totally unplanned and really funny.

12. On a typical Saturday night… I am dreaming of being energetic enough to be in a night club, but usually asleep just before SNL.

13. The one place I'm guaranteed to find something to buy… J. Crew.

14. The best city for shopping is… I am open to scouting great finds anywhere from a street fair in Rio to a cool bookstore in Venice Beach.

15. When I want to pamper myself I… head to the Parker in Palm Springs or Casa Marina on Key West.

16. My beauty must-haves are… Murad eye cream, Laura Mercier Lip Silk, and Nivea crème is my trifecta.

17. Everyone should have these in their closet… Stubbs and Wooten velvet slippers.

18. The celebrity with the best style is… Gwen Stefani seems to always get it right.

19. If I could give one celebrity a makeover it would be… I would love to get my hands on the entire NBA. 

20. If I could have dinner with anyone in the world it would be… if she’s cooking for me, Ina Garten.

21. My biggest style regret… style for me is an honest expression of the moment, so it’s always right when I am being authentic.