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Twitterati #Fashion Recap: Royal Baby News, Alexander Wang’s Move to Balenciaga and More

This week on #Twitterati, Kate and William announce the arrival of their royal baby while Kate flaunts a new haircut and Alexander Wang's move to Balenciaga gets mixed reactions as fashion's biggest players react. For more juicy Twit-bits, keep reading for this week's most happening fashion moments trending in the Twittersphere.

Prince William and Duchess Kate

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The Royal Baby Causes Twitter Frenzy

"It's official: Kate Middleton is preggers!" (SELF Magazine). As expected, the fashion world went a bit Twitter-crazy upon hearing the royal news. WWD announced, "The Duke and Duchess have revealed that they are expecting their first child." Stylecaster's Spencer Cain tweeted, "Just had a strange premonition that Wills and Kate will name the baby Spencer in honor of Diana's maiden name. YES." People StyleWatch got down to the nitty-gritty tweeting, "Think we'll see Kate Middleton in one of these awesomely 80s royal maternity looks, a la Di and Fergie?" 

Celebrities React to Kate Middleton's Pregnancy News

And because this bebe will most likely outshine every other tot, including the Apples and Blue Ivys of the world, even celebrities got to tweeting about the royal pregnancy. Khloe Kardashian tweeted, "Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!! A royal baby!!! 🙂 awwww so sweet.” Fellow Brit Cheryl Cole added, "I'm sooooooo excited that we're having a royal baby !!!! Congratulations to Kate and Wills !!!!!!" However, nothing beats being congratulated by the Obamas, who released an official statement: "We extend our congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the welcome news out of London that they are having their first child.”

Kate Middleton Gets The Big Bang Treatment 

Kate Middleton gets bangs

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Kate's big announcement wasn't the only thing on our royal radar this week. In fact, her haircut received just as much of a Twitter welcome as did the baby news, if not more. Glamour tweeted, "Minor distraction from the royal baby bump: Want a better look at Duchess Catherine's new bangs?" We sure do. Wondering why Kate's new fringe was such a hit in the land of constant makeovers? Maybe's tweet can clue you in: "Whoa—Kate Middleton switched up her hairdo for the first time in… ever?" Fashion blogger Possessionista added, "Kate Middleton's hair gets layers. She's a modern day Jennifer Aniston." Pretty sure that iconic hair comparison says it all. 

Twitter Reacts to Alexander Wang's Move to Balenciaga

After a much heated debate over whether Alexander Wang would take the reins at Balenciaga now that Nicolas Ghesquiere has jumped ship, the news has finally been confirmed. WSJ's Christina Binkley tweeted, "It's official: Alex Wang goes to Balenciaga (tho keeps his own label too). Very new direction for the label!" While Wang's own label has been applauded for its directional pull and vision, not all were pleased with his move to the iconic Parisian house. The Fashion Spot tweeted, "Still reeling a bit over the fact that Alexander Wang is going to be designing for ." Fashion reporter Matt Scott Jacobs tweeted, "The notion that someone without ANY design experience — but buckets of Chinese sweatshop connections — could replace Ghesquiere is ludicrous." Ouch. Spencer Cain added, "Where's Galliano or other people with real talent? Whatever I'm still buying a moto jacket …"

Not all tweets were that harsh, however. In fact, several fashionistas were pretty enthusiastic about the move. Blogger Bryanboy pondered a very important question: "After Alex, I wonder who's the next young 'un to hit a major Parisian house…" Quickly adding, "I believe Alex will do a great job at Balenciaga. He's smart and clever." Susi Bubble added, "So the whispers have been confirmed Alexander Wang is to go to  – an astute business decision more than anything else." Elle's Joe Zee mimicked the sentiment of the masses by tweeting, "Congrats Alexander Wang who will be taking over at Balenciaga. Can't wait to see (and shop!) xo." 

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