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In a world where fashion magazines have become extremely commercial and celebrity obsessed, Carine Roitfeld focuses on bringing us a monthly fantasy that respects the essence of fashion – and true fashionistas all over the world love her for it. 


Never afraid of explaining the difference between the "French way" and the "American way," Roitfeld separates herself from overseas counterpart Anna Wintour when it comes to fashion editing and personal style.


Roitfeld is a woman who doesn’t wear jeans or lipstick and is rarely seen with bags or wearing flats. She has a femme fatal aura and an attitude that screams ‘I am Parisian’.


We all know the story:  she started as a model, then a stylist and muse, and then became what she is today, a magazine editor. Her contribution lies in stimulating fashion culture and influencing it.


She’s one of the few editors who still depicts fashion as an art, as a means of expression. Browse through a copy of French Vogue to find true fashion satisfaction because of Roitfeld’s delivery of a philosophy that inspires readers.


Named one of Time Magazine’s most influential people, Carine Roitfeld has become a fashion icon and a woman who ages gracefully thanks to her never-ending sense of style.

Photos courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.