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Art Basel 2012: Not Just About the Art

I just got back from Art Basel Miami, which seems to get crazier each year — and less about the art. Just like New York Fashion Week, it now starts earlier and takes up more space (South Beach, Downtown, and The Design District) as the buzz around the art fair increases. I didn't arrive in Miami until Thursday, but a number of high profile events were scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday (including ones hosted by Chanel and The Webster). Most interestingly, a good 80% of the most buzzed about happenings had absolutely nothing to do with art. In fact, most people I spoke with didn't make it to the Convention Center for the main fair, nor did they make it to any of the ancillary fairs like Scope, Untitled, or Nada.

I tried my best to balance a little bit of everything. Here's a look at some of the week's most notable happenings.