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Twitterati #Fashion Recap: DVF Thinks Alexander Wang Needs Guidance, So Much Pre-Fall Goodness and More

This week in #Twitterati, Anna Wintour gets appointed ambassador position by President Obama, might leave Vogue? Diane von Furstenberg advises Alexander Wang to seek guidance at Balenciaga, while Karl and Anna praise the young designer. For more scoop-filled Twit-bits, including the best and worst of the Pre-Fall 2013 Collections, keep reading this week's most happening fashion moments as tweeted, hashtagged, and trended in the Twitter-verse. 

Anna Wintour to Leave Vogue for Obama Gig?

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What could be the greatest thing to happen to U.S. diplomacy and the worst to Vogue? How about Anna Wintour for ambassador? "Anna Wintour is reportedly (again) up for an ambassadorship to the UK or France," claims Fashionologie. Rumors of the nomination began circulating after Bloomberg pointed out that Wintour's hefty contribution to the Obama campaign made her a top contender for either appointment. Before you digest all that, here is what #Twitterati is saying on the subject: "What a relief! Donald Trump thinks Anna Wintour is a 'winner' and would make a great ambassador." (Fashionista). Others think Anna can do much better. "Why settle for being an ambassador? Oscar de la Renta thinks Anna Wintour should be Secretary of State!" (Fashionista). While The Devil Wears Prada inspiration has been an Obama supporter and endorser since forever, do you think she would trade her beloved Vogue for a diplomatic position? All remains to be seen and tweeted about.

DVF Thinks Alexander Wang Needs Guidance at Balenciaga Job

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Stylecaster asks the Twitter-verse, "Will Alexander Wang Be Able To Pull Off Couture?" Dying to know what Vogue's famous editrix had to say about Wang's latest career move? "'Oh, please, come on. How great is it to be young? That is when designers are at their most fearless.' — Anna."(Fashionologie). According to British Vogue Ms. Wintour isn't the only one who approves, quoting Karl Lagerfeld, "Alexander Wang is the best man for the  job." However, one of the biggest names in fashion was a bit more guarded in her opinion. Proceed with caution, Wang, as Diane von Furstenberg advised, "He's going to need some mentoring in Paris." 

The Best and Worst of Pre-Fall 2013 

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Doesn't it seem like just yesterday that we were chatting about Spring 2013 collections? If you blinked and missed Pre-Fall 2013 (it happens to the best), don't worry because Twitterati has got you covered. From Chanel's Scottish themed collection to Oscar's regal hits, here is the best and worst of everything: 

" for  is about the queen of fashion and the Queen of Scotland." (Vogue)

"ChanelPre fall. Runway. Scottish lads. Yes." (W magazine)

"Slick, smart and under sartorial control from  for pre-autumn/winter 2013-14." (British Vogue)

"'We were playing with this idea of blurriness and ambiguity.'—Alexander Wang on his Pre-Fall 2013 collection." (Fashionologie)

"Fit for a princess at Oscar de la Renta pre-fall." (Marie Claire)

"Cathy Horyn sitting front row at Oscar de la Renta — looks like the beef is officially over?" (