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Artist Rex Ray Collaborates with Furnishing Designer B+N

With the holidays upon us, leave it to the gang at MAO PR to throw a groovy party with surfboards, bold graphic décor, and retro summer reverb to remind us that somewhere in the world is a beach we should be at. No, this was not their spoof on the holidays, but rather a celebration of an exciting collaboration with San Francisco based artist Rex Ray and leading furnishings designers and manufacturer B+N Industries.

Invoking the vibrant era of 60s and 70s pop art, Rex shows his brilliance in crossing the divide between his fine art and commercial design. Having produced commercial works for Jonathan Adler, Samad Rugs, Apple, David Bowie, and more, Rex is quite the master of fusing his modernist world for mass consumption. His constant work with woods and resins made for a flawless transition to create paneling and furniture with B+N, known for the highest standard and innovations in paneling and décor. Speaking to B+N president Brad Somberg, you could feel that B+N represents what is fresh, fun, and functional.

"We always want to push ourselves, we always want to experience something that’s bigger than us… so we’re always looking for the next material or collaboration that lets us express who we are." His enthusiasm truly came from a place in his heart. He was almost giddy in sharing how profoundly moved this collaboration was for him, evoking the energy and exuberance of carefree times. “We love scale, we love color, and we love to make people feel good when they see some of our work.”

But he and B+N are not one for dwelling on the past. In fact, they spent six months developing new printing methods to saturate the rich tones of Rex’s designs into walnut, maple, and cherry wood, creating a new collection of Infused Veneer Panels™, carved relief Iconic Panels™, table clocks, serving trays, decorative boxes, and 12 one-of-a-kind surf boards hand shaped by pro-surfer Cordell Miller. The proceeds from each sale will be donated to the Red Cross Disaster Relief to benefit those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

They may have built an empire by putting up walls, but B+N continues to think outside the box, reaching out to a prolific artist and allowing him to splash a little bit of flair along their coffers. “This is the first that we’ve taken an attitude and really just blown it up and said we don’t care if the world gets it. It’s dear to us and they’ll catch up to us.” 

by Izzy Ruiz for The Cannon Media Group