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Designer Joanna Ketterer Chats About Her Ethical Lingerie Brand Luva Huva

Whilst hectically doing our Christmas shopping, we couldn’t help but notice the growing trend in ethical clothing available upon the high street. The tendency to shop vintage over recent years has been a positive step in the right direction, but it has to be said that more needs to be done to promote sustainable fashion, and support fair working ethics within the fashion industry.

We caught up with Joanna Ketterer, founder of the ethical label, Luva Huva, which creates gorgeous pieces of lingerie using sustainable fabrics, to find out more about her great concept.

The Fashion Spot: Tell us about your store?

Joanna Ketterer: We specialise in lingerie and loungewear that uses natural, organic, and sustainable fabrics. We also manufacture ourselves in our London studio. Our choice of fabrics, special trims, and unique style is what makes us different. The jersey babydoll and nightie have been our bestsellers for some time. This season, I think that our most unique piece has to be our organic cotton jersey lined lounge pants. We have been inundated with orders!

tFS: How would you describe your typical customer?

JK: Our typical customer is feminine and cares about the fabrics next to her skin. She wants to look stylish but also loves comfort.

tFS: How would you describe your current range?

JK: Our current range is a little sexier in parts. We have introduced thongs and lacey bras, and figure-hugging slips. The other aspect is even more cozy, and comfortable with soft bamboo, and organic cotton fabrics and cozy, super warm jersey lined lounge pants.

tFS: What should we expect for 2013?

JK: Soft feminine shades and sexy shapes. We hope to introduce our first padded bra too.

tFS: What advice would you give those who are currently trying to start their own fashion business?

JK: Don’t give up. It takes incredible determination and lots of hard work. Sometimes it feels like you have to jump over what feels like a lot of brick walls that can get a bit exhausting after a while. Remember, it’s always worth it, and don’t forget to look back on what you have achieved.

tFS: Tell us a bit about your background?

JK: I studied printed textiles at UCA (University for the Creative Arts) where my work was very different to what I create at Luva Huva now. I made large abstract textile wall hangings that were very textural, unusual, and a bit dark in their nature.

tFS: When and what encouraged you to found Luva Huva?

JK: After university, I worked for a year continuing with my abstract art and doing various art exhibitions in London. I became disillusioned with the art world and lost my confidence and decided to take a totally different path. I started to work with children with autism. I loved every second of my four years doing this, but I started to miss being really creative. So, I made my first pair of knickers in 2004, just for fun and somehow Luva Huva just seemed to grow and grow. It was just a happy accident, lots of luck and a secret belief within myself that maybe I could make a business out of this. I have always loved lingerie, and I enjoyed creating my own styles. I never really thought about founding a business, Luva Huva found me!

tFS: What would you be doing if you didn't own Luva Huva or work in fashion?

JK: My second passion in life is children’s books. Whenever I travel anywhere I buy a children’s book from that country. I have a pretty good collection. I love illustration and the sentiment in children’s books. I would love to be a children’s book illustrator one day… the only problem is that I am not very good — but I am working on it!

tFS: Do you have any other side projects?

JK: Other than practicing my illustration skills I am quite determined to start a short course in ceramics, when Luva gives me the chance…

tFS: How would you describe your own personal style?

JK: Classic, but natural with a modern edge.

tFS: Do you have any fashion inspirations or like any particular style icons?

JK: I love the elegance and femininity of the 1920s

We want to thank Joanna for her time, and hope that her brand continues to grow. Check out Luva Huva’s offerings for yourself at its online store

Images: Luva Huva