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Twitterati #Fashion Recap: Tory Burch is a Billionaire, Tom Ford Returns to the Runway and More

This week in #Twitterati, Tory Burch becomes a billionaire as a result of her ex-hubby and former adversary, Raf Simons debuts his first ever Dior campaign, and Tom Ford announces a return to the runway. For more scoop-filled twit-bits, keep reading this week's most happening fashion moments as tweeted, hashtagged, and trended in the Twitterverse. 

The Burches Call a Truce and Tory Becomes a Billionaire 

2013 might just be Tory Burch's best year yet. Not only has the designer and her former hubby, Chris Burch, called a truce after a long winded battle, but Tory made some major cash too. Confused much? Let Twitterati break it down for you. For starters: "Fashion's most famous feuding ex-couple call[ed] a truce for the new year," tweeted, ending one of 2012's biggest fashion beefs. While details of the settlement have been rather murky, one rather large figure did result from the end of Burch v. Burch. Fashionista hints, "Fashion has a new billionaire! Which designer's net worth just passed the billion $$$ mark—all thanks to her ex-hub?" Need us to repeat that for you? It's true, The Cut confirms, "Tory Burch Is Now a Billionaire, Thanks to Chris." So, just how did Chris go from sworn enemy to fairy Godfather in a matter of days? As British Vogue explains, "Tory Burch is a made billionaire, as her ex-husband sells his stake in her label," for billions, making the American designer significantly wealthier. So, is Tory's newfound wealth all thanks to Chris? According to Forbes Woman, the "fashion tycoon Tory Burch becomes a billionaire (thanks, in part, to $200 ballet flats)." 

Image via: HRC/

What Everyone's Tweeting About: Raf Simons' First Christian Dior Campaign 

Dior Spring 2013 Campaign via Dior's Facebook

Grazia Live tweeted, "Raf Simons' first campaign for Dior is in, and of course it's super pretty." Flare Magazine added, "The new Dior ads have landed. Raf Simons welcomes a season of change!" Nina Garcia enthusiastically tweeted, "LOVE! Raf Simons gives Dior’s campaign a New Look." So much positivity!  Not so fast. A few mixed reviews, and by that we mean, subtle digs, were also tweeted including, "Did Raf Simons borrow the Jil Sander aesthetic for his first Dior ad campaign?" (Refinery 29). Fashionista added, "Raf Simons' first-ever Dior ad campaign is pretty surreal if you ask us."

Tom Ford Returns to the Runway This Fall

Image via Caroline Torem Craig/

Ground breaking news! "Tom Ford is coming back to the runway." ( After what felt like eons (five seasons to be exact) of restricting his shows from public viewing, one of fashion's most mysterious is heading back to the catwalk. Glamour details, "Tom Ford will host his first real runway show in London." As to what led to this change? "The company has jumped and I can no longer service the stores by not showing," Ford explains. (Fashionologie). Another big change? Styleite tweets, "Tom Ford is holding his first 'real' fashion show next month, and he's even inviting BLOGGERS." Cue the excitement and get your Instagram newsfeed ready for some action.