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Charlotte Ronson Fall 2013 Runway Review

The first thing to strike you about Charlotte Ronson's Fall 2013 presentation as you see the girls all lined up on the riser is the color palette. The looks were arranged monochromatically from gray to black to teal and seafoam to maroon and magenta accents. It added to the ladylike feel of the collection, mostly attributed to traditional feminine silhouettes, which is certainly not Ronson's usual modus operandi. Just as the 90s grunge revival is peaking, Ronson seems bent on adapting and evolving what has been her signature style; it's a very smart move. Despite the ladylike shapes mentioned, silhouette is one of the places Ronson played around, with oversize leather bomber-tops and ballooning tweed pants tucked into ankle boots.

These were, as always, cool clothes the cool kids would wear. With a bit of extra polish. I doubt anyone will actually pair a matching mod checked tweed jacket and skirt together, but they will want the pieces in their wardrobe. Leather has been everywhere and it made up a good percentage of Ronson's collection. With leather skirts and pants so ubiquitous for so long, a leather top has obviously become the thing. She also extrapolated on the sheer trend in a creative way, with a graphic pattern instead of the usual matte sheers. Belly shirts and slouchy sweaters were probably Ronson's biggest indulgences in 90s trends, more successful in the latter than the former.

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