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New York Fashion Week Fall 2013 Hits and Misses: Part 1 (Forum Buzz)

When it comes to reviewing fashion shows, our forum members have definite opinions and they’re not afraid to express them. In some ways it feels like New York Fashion Week has only just begun, but we’re already playing favorites and finding things to love and loathe on the runways. Here are the ups and down thus far, as seen through the eyes of the Fashion Spot forum members.

NYFW Fall 2013 Hits - BCBG, Alexander Wang, Suno

The Hits: BCBG Max Azria, Alexander Wang, Suno


BCBG Max Azria

“Nothing too groundbreaking but really nice – I love the relaxed, maybe even a bit bohemian style. The subtle color palette was gorgeous, the materials looked luxurious but wearable – that's how I imag[ine] a perfect fall/winter season in New York.” [TheItGirl]

“Divine collection. I love the whole urban, dark theme of it all. I'm dying over that breathtaking ensemble with the leather trousers and sheer dress. I love how every season, the label offers fluid, easy-to-wear dresses and they work here so well with the outerwear.” [LagerfeldBoy]

“Very grunge inspired collection, yet I feel like it had some feminine qualities as well. Really liked the bomber jackets with beanies.” [tayloryepp]

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Alexander Wang

“The clothes aren't that flattering, are a little bit boxy, but this was a beautiful and fresh collection! The touches he did on the shoes were spectacular! I love seeing how Alexander is growing every single season always experimenting and keeping things cool and modern with a vision that’s always modern and unique!” [miguelalmeida]

“Exquisite. I love the shapes. Love them. They are a bit reminiscent of Balenciaga, indeed, which makes me curious for his collection at the house.” [StoneSkipper]

“The boy does know how to do a collection; there is cohesiveness, show pieces and salable pieces. It is all set; well done.” [elle_gb]

“This is really impressive! It felt like a huge step forward for him. There was an extraordinary leap in the construction, in textile innovation, and in the silhouette. His time at the Balenciaga atelier has obviously impacted his design aesthetic; and in the best way possible. And the presentation was incredible. The staging gave the clothes a monumental feel, no?” [helmut.newton]

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Amazing: I love what they do.” [Not Plain Jane]

“I love the folkloric/monastic elements in this… well executed and done with a twist. Overall I like the crispness of everything.” [Scott]

“Suno consistently nails it each season, they know their label's niche but also how to expand on ideas each season. Plus, the clothes look extremely wearable and well done.” [YoninahAliza]


NYFW Fall 2013 Misses - Jason Wu, Kenneth Cole Collection, Altuzarra

The Misses: Jason Wu, Kenneth Cole Collection, Altuzarra



Jason Wu

“What a total and utter snoozefest this was. Putting furry emebelishments on basic constructions, does not a good designer make.” [HeatherAnne]

“It's like if you asked a smart suburban housewife what high fashion is then took a snapshot of her thought bubble and made a collection out of it. Some of the fit looks off, too. Perhaps if everything was immaculate it would make such boring designs permissible, but it's not. Not only do I not see the point of showing clothes like this on a runway but I don't even see why they needed to be designed in the first place. This collection in one word: non-event.” [Mutterlein]

“As much as I love Jason Wu as a designer, I can't really say I love this collection too much. The nicer pieces are all things we've seen from him before, and in my opinion, it's gotten to be a bit boring.” [TianSoFine]

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Kenneth Cole Collection

“I'm literally suffocating with his use of leather.” [Lena]

“There are so many things wrong with this collection: it's confusing, it's sloppy, the styling is a wreck, most of the pieces look like weird hybrids of five different ideas, and the pieces that actually look like something could be had from Zara if you had a time machine and dialed the clock back to 2008.” [Mutterlein]



“I know he's friends with Alexander Wang and if my memory serves me well, a few seasons ago the same thing happened: they both had a very similar element in their respective collections. In this case, it would be fur gloves.” [TianCouture]

“This collection is so dried up, nothing pops. Last season was spectacular, this is just boring. That little hint of orange has already shown up in a few collections, I don't get it.” [GivenchyHomme]

“90% of this collection looks so cheap, namely because of the terrible addition of those buttons… but without the buttons, what is it?” [Crying Diamonds]

“I think this feels so forced. Don't like the buttons everywhere, don't like the mini cropped jackets, and certainly don't like the fur mittens.” [StoneSkipper]

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Images: IMAXtree

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