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Carolina Herrera Fall 2013 Runway Review

One gets the feeling, viewing her Fall 2013 collection set in the Lincoln Center theater to the stains of the London Contemporary Orchestra, that Carolina Herrera is designing for a world far apart from this one of It items and street style stars. Notorious for excluding social media, shunning the fashion circus, I think Herrera would be comfortable with that assessment and is constantly creating statements to that effect. Essentially daring us to live up to the elegant world she is always creating.

While silhouettes were of a more modern era, waists impossibly cinched with felt and fur-trimmed belts, the current obsession with Downton Abbey dovetails nicely with this collection. The details and fabrics, slim shapes and delicate, subtly puffed sleeves, the very way the girls carry themselves in these clothes harkens back to that era of glamour, luxury and propriety. Glamour that meant something different than pop stars and red carpets and rich kids of Instagram, though nonetheless consuming about the same amount of champagne.

This season is really bringing me around to the aesthetic of fur, and Herrera wielded this trim with a heavy yet meticulous hand. It was found in capes, coat fronts, collars, sleeves and even hems, in a sort of Karenina nod. Colors and prints were subdued but stately, enhancing without overshadowing the overall look.

If you can watch a video of the show, do. The very way the models move in the pieces changes your perspective on the silhouettes in a way almost impossible to relate to in a world of fast fashion and easy casual wear. Warning: this collection may put you off jeans for weeks.

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