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New York Fashion Week Fall 2013 Hits and Misses: Part 2 (Forum Buzz)

Fashion Spot forum members continue to weigh in on all the collections as they flood the New York runways. Luckily, there’s been more to love than not. Here are our picks for the second installment of New York Fashion Week’s hits and misses for Fall 2013.

NYFW Fall 2013 Hits - Delpozo, The Row, Thom Browne

The Hits: Delpozo, The Row, Thom Browne



“AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! My favourite collection from NY so far bar none! It's Josep Font behind the label now if I'm not mistaken, he also showed in Madrid last season and was the highlight of the whole week. WOW!” [ForChicSake]

 “What a beautiful surprise for NYFW! Finally, something fun and imaginative. I can't believe I've never heard of this brand/designer but I will definitely keep an eye on him for the future.” [ScarlettLover]

“Entirely stunning. There is not a single bad thing about this collection.” [TianCouture]


The Row

“Very sleek and sophisticated, without any excessive elements. Beautiful.” [Jinadaze]

“This collection is absolutely beautiful. I love the ubiquities: those gorgeous embossed neutral prints, the gold nicked buttons, the fabric overlapping panels on the coats and blazers. I admire their taste level. Most of all I am appreciative that they went with sleeker silhouettes this season. This is my favorite collection of NYFW, thus far.” [HeatherAnne]

“Through and through beautiful collection, so many pieces I love here.” [Miss Dalloway]

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Thom Browne

“As I was looking at this, I kept thinking of the Queen of Hearts – lovely tailoring mixed with a good strong dose of fantasy. What's not to like!?” [Not Plain Jane]

“I think fashion needs to be fun sometimes, like this collection. It's so whimsical and lovely.” [TianSoFine]

“There is not enough of this humor and creative outburst in New York, it's always refreshing to see Thom Browne's collections in the midst of a week where we see mostly very commercial, wearable and safe collections. This is awesome; some looks are insanely beautiful.” [Psylocke]


NYFW Fall 2013 MIsses - Rodarte, Zac Posen, Derek Lam

The Misses: Rodarte, Zac Posen, Derek Lam



“I have no words for this horrendous and confusing mess. What the hell has happened to this brand?” [Psylocke]

“Yikes, this is horrid. Horrid. What are those amateur prints? And those back-waist cuts on every piece? And that horrible excuse for draping? What is this?” [StoneSkipper]

“I don't understand what's going on here. It starts off great, I love love the first looks and then it slowly starts to get messy and tragic. The final dresses feature some of the ugliest and most amateur prints I've seen in quite some time.” [mistress_f]

“Whoever styled this needs to be shot, there are some pretty looking separates but what's with the high-cut swimming costumes underneath, or the rectangular cropped trousers? And the finale tie-dye dresses are just awful.” [Crying Diamonds]

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Zac Posen

“It's so heavy, what happened to his playfulness with clothes when he first started?” [TREVOFASHIONISTO]

“It's kind of drab. It lacks the youthfulness of other collections I've seen.” [silk skin paws]

“I think these outfits look outdated because of their wearability, their sexiness and the fact that they fit – nobody seems to do any of those anymore… I loved watching the show, but [the clothes] aren't modern, unfortunately.” [Crying Diamonds]

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Derek Lam

“His collections are hardly worth showing anymore. Nothing innovative whatsoever.” [HeatherAnne]

“Eh. Boring. Feels like I've seen it a million times before, no?” [lelaid]

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Delpozo image: Alberto Reyes/ All other images: IMAXtree.