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London Fashion Week Fall 2013 Hits & Misses: Part 1 (Forum Buzz)

New York Fashion Week kicked things off for Fall 2013, but London Fashion Week is what we’re living for these days. The aesthetic of the city’s style is markedly different, with a more daring edge to the creativity on display. We’ve had some clear positive and negative reactions to what we’ve seen thus far, so read on for our perceived highs and lows.

London Fashion Week Fall 2013 Hits - Preen by Thornton Bregazzi, Mary Katrantzou, David Koma

The Hits: Preen by Thornton Bregazzi, Mary Katrantzou, David Koma


Preen by Thornton Bregazzi

“I love this collection; it's so focused and clean. It's also both cool and feminine at once. Nice variety – pants, short skirts, maxi skirts, zippers and florals. And yet it's so pulled together. Fabulous!” [Not Plain Jane]

“I love this. The prints, the embellishment, the detailing, it's all so good.” [lelaid]

“Definitely some of the best stuff I've seen from their mainline in a long time. I love the play on Asian embroidery… love those floaty dressing gown shapes… in fact the silhouettes all-around are pretty strong. And the color palette is lovely too. That beautiful monochrome red on black, white on black, black on red is perfectly executed with what they're conveying.” [Scott]

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Mary Katrantzou

“Mary Katrantzou is the only designer really trying to make something new. She’s not relying on the prints and instead she is creating new cuts and shapes that may be a little too strange sometimes, but at least she is taking risks. I love her for that!” [jmrmartinho]

“This is soo perfect, so melancholic. I think she definitely taking it to another level with those prints and shapes. Amazing.” [Egoiste]

“I love the new evolution of her brand here, the change of mood being more somber works successfully in this collection.” [Razzer]

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David Koma

“He's another one who’s continually growing as a designer. This might be one of my favorites of the season so far. I love everything.” [StoneSkipper]

“I always think of Gareth Pugh meets Hervé Leger when seeing his collections and it's such a unique mix. Lots of sexy dresses with lots of actual design elements, never too tacky or girly nor too experimental and unwearable. What he does is so clever and it's nice seeing him evolve so much as a designer. I'm really not a fan of the color palette here, but I love all the cuts and how the dresses are structured. The shoes are also great. Definitely a highlight at LFW!” [Psylocke]

“This is so amazingly Fifth Element. I love it.” [Moofins]


London Fashion Week Fall 2013 MIsses: Moschino Cheap & Chic, Julien Macdonald, Sister by Sibling

The Misses: Moschino Cheap & Chic, Julien Macdonald, Sister by Sibling


Moschino Cheap & Chic

“After last season's disaster this is even worse. I miss the youthful, fun Moschino Cheap & Chic. This is just tacky.” [RedandNavy]

“Honestly, I don't like it. This creamy pink and animal prints are too trashy in my opinion.” [carolyna]

“Well, the name of the line is certainly on the nose for this collection as this looks incredibly cheap.” [vandekamp]

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Julien Macdonald

“Glad he is back after two seasons of not showing at LFW, but I'm not impressed by this. It's the same old. Mirrored dresses, lots of fringes, way too much going on in even the simple mini dresses. A lot of this looks like ice skating costumes, it's not very elegant or all that interesting.” [Psylocke]

“Looks more like a collection of showgirl costumes.” [reese06]

“This collection makes me sad. I loved his Fall 2011 show, for all of its dark gothic romanticism. Then last year, while there was some derivativeness, I still found a lot to like in it. But this feels like an about-face – all the sparkle and almost trashiness? I could see this at Versace or Balmain, but Julien Macdonald? Um, no. *sad face* (Literally and figuratively.)” [Not Plain Jane]


Sister by Sibling

“This is so aggressively unattractive, I'm actually kind of stunned.” [Moofins]

“It's very in-your-face.” [vandekamp]

Images: IMAXtree

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