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London Fashion Week Fall 2013 Hits and Misses: Part 2 (Forum Buzz)

London Fashion Week has come and gone in what felt like the blink of an eye. We did, however, manage to keep that eye open long enough to take in all the collections and decided which topped our lists of best and worst. They already weighed in on the first round of shows, now read on to see what Fashion Spot forum members had to say about London’s final offerings for Fall 2013.

LFW Fall 2013 HIts - Antonio Berardi, Erdem, Christopher Kane

The Hits: Antonio Berardi, Erdem, Christopher Kane


Antonio Berardi

“Exquisite. Wonderful embroidery…That whole final evening section looks dreamy… Best I've seen from Berardi in quite some time. (Not that I hadn't liked his past collections, but this one's stunning beyond belief.)” [StoneSkipper]

“I love that he is so experimental with his cuts/forms/tailoring, sometimes it doesn't work but the majority of the time it does. That's some of the best appliqué work I've seen in a long time, those gowns are exquisite. Another stunning collection from him.” [HeatherAnne]

“This is fabulous: what a nice balance of day and evening looks too. I love the tweeds, and the cut on some of those suit jackets is divine. And then the dresses, especially the shorter fitted ones, just ooze strength and femininity… overall this is an excellent showing again from him.” [Not Plain Jane]



“This is exceptionally stunning. Dark and romantic, different from the usual light and sweet that Erdem favors. Best of LFW thus far!” [TianCouture]

“I like the darker tone this collection takes and his play with volume this time around is a refreshing change. My favorite pieces are those in the dark wine-burgundy with black flowers – so romantic, but not an ounce of twee.” [Not Plain Jane]

“This is something I haven't seen from Erdem before – a collection I like. He's still got his trademark florals but they become so much more sophisticated and mature with experimentation in fabrics, textures and shapes. The layering of the beaded black chiffon; the long, thin feathers coming from the center of the embellishments; that chiffon double-breasted coat; the feather dress beneath the chiffon; the pale pink taffeta facings appearing at the hems. It just feels as if a lot more thought has gone into the design, even if it is mainly at the fabric-sourcing and embroidery design stages.” [Crying Diamonds]

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Christopher Kane

“So cool. The brain pieces, the fur (oh god the fur!), the camo – I love it all. There's something in this collection for everyone.” [Elfinkova]

“I love it! Feels like a collection to celebrate his past. So many elements from older collections from 2008, 2009, 2010… It’s just awesome.” [Dutchhie]

“CamNO. CamHELLNO in fact. The rest is quite exquisite though. And I love the color palette; I'm a sucker for navy and burgundy together.” [HeatherAnne]

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LFW Fall 2013 Misses - Burberry Prorsum, Matthew Williamson, Tom Ford

The Misses: Burberry Prorsum, Matthew Williamson, Tom Ford


Burberry Prorsum

“What a gimmicky copout of a collection this is. The latex and shiny patent pieces are so Margiela circa 2010-2012 (don't even try and convince me they didn't eyeball those heavily when designing this). The rest is fit for your local H&M.” [HeatherAnne]

“This is probably the first Burberry collection in a long while from which I like basically nothing. So disappointing: the hearts and leopard prints, not to mention the plastic, all seem juvenile. Sad.” [Not Plain Jane]

“Why do I get the feeling Christopher Bailey's leaving Burberry Prorsum soon and saving all his good ideas for his own label? He just doesn't seem to be putting any effort into it anymore – it's like an impostor is designing in his place.” [Phuel]

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Matthew Williamson

“This collection is disappointing to me. I love Matthew Williamson, but this just seems to be all over the place.” [Selfportraitgrl]

“A huge issue of mine with this collection is the styling. It is horrific and takes a lot away from the clothes, which on their own are very cute.” [lelaid]

“Some lovely pieces here and some nice colors but they don't seem to all go together. Where is the boho vibe?” [Label Basher]

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Tom Ford

“I don't understand why the Tom Ford Man and the Tom Ford Woman are complete polar opposites?!? The Tom Ford Man is chic and dapper; the Tom Ford Woman is horrifyingly vulgar. This is the least sexy thing I've seen in my life, it verges on delusional grandma (let me combine every animal print known to mankind!, let me wear bright-ass designs with lace, and top it all off with the fugliest furs ever, etc., etc.).” [HeatherAnne]

“Well, I appreciate the fact that he tried changing it up but it really doesn't work. This has to be the most hideous thing I've seen so far this season, to be quite honest.” [Style Savvy]

“Individually, certain pieces might have potential, but as a whole, it looks like a tacky, incoherent, unflattering mess.” [Morphe]

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