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Milan Fashion Week Fall 2013 Hits and Misses: Part 1 (Forum Buzz)

Every Fashion Week has its own distinct personality, and the sexy, fiery, luxurious side of Milan is finally upon us. Some brands struck the right balance, while others went over the top or too under the radar. Here are the labels responsible for the highs and lows out of Milan thus far for Fall 2013. 

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2013 Hits - Prada, No. 21, Francesco Scognamiglio

The Hits: Prada, No. 21, Francesco Scognamiglio



“Love it. It's very Hitchcock's ice-queen leading lady + noir's femme fatale with something softening the look here and there. I’d wear every single thing. Some of the coats are simply divine, the asymmetric skirts are amazing, loved every single dress, and I'm already coveting those booties that some models were wearing.” [mistress_f]

“Amazing collection, kind of like bar girls who just finished a brawl at some little café in Montmartre; definitely a rough-and-ready femme fatale kind of girl.” [teaars]

“Superb collection! There wasn't one look to dislike. Not only was it extremely inspired, it was VERY wearable.” [VogueDisciple93]

“Prada's version of the feminine off-shoulder look this season is 1,000,000,000 x better executed and more flattering than Gucci's attempt. I love that while the looks induce a number of cinematic references, they don't feel overly costume-like to a point that they lose their wearability factor. So fatale, so luxe, I adore this.” [HeatherAnne]

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No. 21

“And Alessandro Dell'Acqua nails it once again! Seriously, he can do no wrong in my book. I love how each season the collection seems to evolve, but it's never drastically changing. He plays a fine line between ladylike femininity and tomboyishness. There's just an easy, nonchalant glamour to it that I adore and it's evident in the embroideries and fabrics he uses. On a styling perspective, it's sublime.” [LagerfeldBoy]

“I'm just completely bananas for this collection. I cannot find one fault with it. Alessandro has consistently produced amazing, chic, quirky, and glamorous collections under this label since its first show and this is no exception. Every look is so wearable and unique and really can appeal to a wide variety of customers. I don't understand why this label doesn't get the exposure that it deserves.” [lelaid]

“Love it. If I was a rich skinny lady, Dell'Acqua would be designing my wardrobe, because that is what this is – he's designed a wardrobe.” [Crying Diamonds]


Francesco Scognamiglio

“He's maintaining a super-high level!! Breathtaking collection!! Love the balance between black and white, the effortless chic look…strong and at the same time so pure and feminine!” [AlbertNoir]

“I love Francesco and his subtle but unmistakable sexual element. The cut of these pieces is amazing.” [StoneSkipper]

“He is such an underrated designer! Fab collection.” [Minimoon27]


Milan Fashion Week Misses: Gucci, Max Mara, Fendi

The Misses: Gucci, Max Mara, Fendi



“Wow, what a horrid, insipid collection. I can count on my fingers the things that I liked here… the choice of fabrics was so wrong. And the eveningwear is one of the vilest things I've seen in my life. Those dresses look like carnival costumes.” [StoneSkipper]

“Somehow, everything looked like ‘Gucci on a budget’. From the cast, to the hair and makeup, to the runway, to the actual collection, everything looked tired, tacky, heavy and overwrought in parts. It made me sad watching it.” [MyNameIs]

“Awful collection. Really truly awful. There was far too much going on, and all the elements clashed; it was really hard to digest both visually and mentally. So disappointing.” [helmut.newton]

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Max Mara

“My mom has a rule, 'If it makes a model look bulky it will look even worse on me,' and this collection, styled the way it is, would make so many non-models look like NFL linebackers. There are some really fantastic pieces, I'm just wondering if the styling messed it up.” [Moofins]

“I think a lot of these pieces could look good with a better fit. As it is, it's tired, flat and doesn't do the models any favors.” [StoneSkipper]

“I'm not too impressed this season… I don't particularly care for the color palette, and the whole collection just seems very heavy.” [Selfportraitgrl]

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“I'm sorry but this is just plain ugly. It's just an exercise in bad taste.” [lelaid]

“I'm not against fur per se, but I'm against fur being used to make ugly clothing… and accessories.” [Street_a_Licious]

“Worst collection since fashion week started in New York.” [Razzer]

“I'm torn between hating most of it but loving the toned-down looks. The shoes, however, are the ugliest seen so far and are up for the worst of the season NO DOUBT.” [mistress_f]

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Images: IMAXtree