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Missoni Fall 2013 Runway Review

With the circumstances of Vittorio Missoni's disappearance in January still unknown, it was obviously difficult but necessary for the brand to attempt "business as usual" with its Fall 2013 collection. It may or may not be a coincidence that the models looked particularly stoic and had a certain "grace under pressure" air about them in the boudoir-heavy presentation. Almost as if they were steeling themselves to face the day but finding it difficult to get out of bed. 

Very quickly the runway show gave the impression that half the girls were dressed and half the girls were still getting ready. A just-out-of-the-shower vibe pervaded as bathrobes and layers and layers of cozy loungewear paired with slicked-back wet look hair. The more finished daywear or evening looks kept that easy dressing feel despite upping the ante in terms of chic. Relaxed silhouettes pervaded. Detailed tights and knee-high boots gave some outfits, particularly A-line mini dresses, an extra mod look. This was a super wearable collection.

The knits for 2013 ditched the brand's iconic 70s association and appeared much more modern and sleek, sometimes graphic and sometimes all black. Geometrics, experimental prints, not a multicolored zig-zag in sight — it felt like a redefinition from a house surely grappling with its identity in face of tragedy. 

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