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Mugler Fall 2013 Runway Review

It's still far from being anything that would be an easy sell on a retail floor, but the Fall 2013 Mugler collection had more to offer in commercial appeal this season. Nicola Formichetti and designer Sebastien Peigne explained that they “wanted to explore the idea of travel through time, in style," which tied into the retro-furturistic lineup shown. The collection included undulating over-the-knee skirts, 90s style high-waist pants, hooded turtlenecks, fur with various holes cut through and a variety of high shine fabrics.

While it would be hard to imagine anyone investing in hole-covered fur or a baggy satin top with puffed shoulders, there was exceedingly more wearable appeal in the wool skirt suits, a high-waist skirt look worn with a crop top and cocoon-like outerwear.

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