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Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013 Hits and Misses: Part 1 (Forum Buzz)

Fashion Spot forum members always look forward to the Paris runways most, but so far this season, it seems that some old favorites have disappointed, while newer talents have risen to the occasion. Thus far, we’ve been very pleasantly surprised by Alexander Wang’s debut collection for Balenciaga, and completely confused by Alber Elbaz’s latest for Lanvin. Read through to see which other collections we’ve loved and loathed out of Paris thus far.

Paris Fashion Week Hits: Balenciaga, Nicolas Andreas Taralis, Christophe Lemaire

The Hits: Balenciaga, Nicolas Andréas Taralis, Christophe Lemaire



“Stunning first collection, the looks are a little repetitive, but still a great start for him. So he passed his first test, the next one is seeing if he can bring anything truly new to the house.” [HeatherAnne]

“I have to say that this collection is fantastic. I haven't felt excited by a collection like this in a long time. I'm shocked, baffled, and the teensiest bit embarrassed that it's Alexander Wang who has created exactly what I've been waiting for in fashion. Something decadent, yet sober, something refined, but also street (without looking like ‘street style’), something sensual yet aloof, it's not fussy but it's not minimal…I've given Wang a pretty hard time in the past, especially when calling him out on copying Mr. Ghesquiere. However – here, now – I do see echoes of Nicolas' work for the house, in particular his earlier collections, but I don't see plagiarism. This all looks decidedly Alexander Wang for Balenciaga. And if he keeps it up, it's something I could definitely get used to.” [dior_couture1245]

“Really good job by Alexander Wang; he should feel proud of this debut. There is faithful adaptation and some of his own signature here, which is striking the right balance. He must have felt a lot of pressure; these are big shoes to fill. But he did surprisingly well. Kudos on a solid first outing!! Impressive.” [Not Plain Jane]

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Nicolas Andréas Taralis

“It's hands down my favorite collection of the season so far… I love every single one of the womenswear looks. He is my absolute favorite when it comes to mixing sheer with heavy fabrics, he does this like no one else, and the styling is just sublime. This is as close to being a flawless collection as it gets, in my opinion.” [Psylocke]

“Nice showing of feminine strength, it's light and airy but serious and distinctive. Gorgeous styling, too. I love it.” [HeatherAnne]

“I thought he couldn't find a way to top himself and he does. I love the shots of color and I love the contrast between the violet and blue.” [Scott]


Christophe Lemaire

“Ugh it's just sublime. You know his work has a dash of Marc le Bihan meets vintage Martin Margiela mixed with Véronique Branquinho's brand of simplicity, and I realize that's probably why I am enamored with what he does. I love every single element in this.” [Scott]

“This is a collection I really want to wear, every single day. I think the bottoms are my favorite although each time I enlarge the detailed views I see either a dress or a coat that makes me think, ‘yes, that one’.” [luckyme]

“Oh those trousers! I said in his menswear F/W 13 thread that I wanted the female tailored version of the collection, and that's literally exactly what this is, so I'm delighted.” [HeatherAnne]


Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013 Misses: Mugler, Balmain, Lanvin

The Misses: Mugler, Balmain, Lanvin



“I'm sorry but who is actually buying this stuff? Everything looks terribly ill fitting and unflattering and if it looks bad on a model imagine how it's going to translate to a real person. Not impressed in the least by this.” [lelaid]

“What are these people doing with the Mugler heritage? Mugler is supposed to be sexy, cutting edge, provocative, not Iris van Herpen for Target. Honestly…” [StoneSkipper]

“Between this and his bad joke menswear, I've run out of words to describe the hideousness of his designs. No no no no no.” [Moofins]

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“This was so dated, tacky, and outright ugly.” [VogueDisciple93]

“Egads, no. Dynasty calling!!! Joan Collins wants her wardrobe back.” [Not Plain Jane]

“This is so tacky. It looks like an 80s costume party at an ice rink.” [Moofins]

“I wonder how much their sales have dropped since Olivier Rousteing's arrival. They certainly seem to have lost their foothold in print and with editors themselves. I can't imagine him surviving much longer.” [HeatherAnne]

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“We all know there are some gorgeous, wonderful clothes to be had here, but sadly they get lost in the big gigantic mess that is this collection. One of Alber’s worst to be certain, and he certainly could change up the staging and lighting for once.” [Mutterlein]

“It's pretty hit-or-miss. Some pieces make me cringe (cockroaches? are these cockroaches? because NO) and some others look quite demure and ladylike. Way too many themes mixed together too.” [Morphe]

“There are a few nice pieces sprinkled here and there, but the kitschy jewelry/accessories and ugly prints generally make it seem like the collection was designed while under the influence of food poisoning. Those necklaces, pendants and belt buckles look like they are from a jokes and novelties shop.” [tangerine]

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Images: IMAXtree