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Carven Fall 2013 Runway Review

So far, Paris has been thinking outside of la boite, with more designers making a departure from the looks they're known for. Carven was no different, with Guillaume Henry sending rubberized fabrics and some out-of-character zebra and digital prints down the runway.

Pastels and fuddy-duddy fabrics leant to the retro feel of the first set of looks. Coats were exaggeratedly voluminous. There were some wearable dresses and separates, sometimes hidden under the layers of Snuggle bear fabric, sometimes presented on their own. These overdrawn snuggly coats were more of the boudoir theme we've seen running throughout Fall 2013. It's been less pinup and more cozy covers, for sure. There were many occasions where a flattering, wearable silhouette coincided with an attractive print and it was a breath of fresh air. A relatable story among "think pieces." The knit cutouts we've come to expect were layered elegantly to create a sort of peek-a-boo within a peek-a-boo element.

It would have been nice to see more of the signature knits and other pieces that women would actually be interested in wearing without all the gimmicky trappings. If you're going to show something difficult to wear during ready-to-wear season, it has to be fantastic. This wasn't.

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