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Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013 Hits and Misses: Part 2 (Forum Buzz)

The collections in Paris continue to hit high and low notes, and Fashion Spot forum members have plenty to say about every collection along the way. Read on for some comments about the collections that delighted and disappointed in our second installment of hits and misses (see part one here).

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013 Hits - Chalayan, Haider Ackermann, Celine

The Hits: Hussein Chalayan, Haider Ackermann, Céline


Hussein Chalayan

“Mind = BLOWN. Not just with the transformation gowns, but with the movement and reflections of all of those beautiful fabrics. Wow, wow, wow. So good.” [HeatherAnne]

“Most of the collection may not be as amazing as much of his past work, but those three transforming dresses may be his greatest achievement to date. It seems like all those years he fixated on this idea of transformation (with robotics, and furniture, and rows of models in progressive versions of the same outfit) have finally refined themselves into what look to be actual wearable garments that transform completely with a single gesture – that's huge! It's incredible how fluid the transformations are too, it looks like CGI, I can hardly believe my eyes.” [Daydreamer70]

“Now I've seen it in motion… as much as I find a lot of the clothes ugly, those three transforming dresses almost made me cry – after the first one you're just waiting in suspense for that model's hand to shoot up and rip at that neckline. The second dress where the collar pops up as if it was one of those life rafts and the fabric cascades down. Absolutely speechless. Chalayan continues to amaze me.” [Crying Diamonds]

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Haider Ackermann

“Lush, gorgeous, luxurious, opulent yet understated. Nothing but love.” [Vitamine W]

“This collection needs few words to summarize or explain its appeal. It's just perfect modern beauty.” [HeatherAnne]

“Love this! It's easy, clean and gorgeous. The frayed edges and huge slouchy tops are amazing. The collection is basically perfect.” [Not Plain Jane]

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“What a beautiful collection, so grateful she's back on top doing what she does so incredibly well. Those coats that appear to have the option to wear the sleeves or tie them in front are divine, and how incredibly soft do those blue and green tailored coats look? Even the accessories are beautiful. So happy.” [Crying Diamonds]

“Pure artistry with that tailoring/construction, and such a dreamy mood to the entire collection, I'm absolutely floored by the beauty of this.” [HeatherAnne]

“Sublime. Such a feminine, beautiful, clean collection. I want it all. And a lot of it looks incredibly soft. Why oh why am I not rich?” [vandekamp]

“Flawless. I really cannot find one thing I dislike about this collection. All these other designers who have hopped on the minimalist bandwagon need to stop because they will never be able to execute it with the finesse and simple elegance that Phoebe [Philo] can. Easily one of my favorite collections of the season.” [lelaid]

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Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013 Misses - Roland Mouret, Acne, Givenchy

The Misses: Roland Mouret, Acne, Givenchy


Roland Mouret

“Colorblocking and pattern blocking at its worst. Those pants look like soccer shinguards. What gaudy crap. No thank you.” [HeatherAnne]

“It's not just the colorblocking that looks wrong, it's also the ill-fitting shapes. I've never seen a worse Mouret collection.” [liberty33r1b]

“Garish – especially the first third of it!” [Not Plain Jane]

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“That's just nauseating. I don't even see the creative effort here; it's all just try-hard, over-styled weirdness. I don't see a single thing I like here.” [Psylocke]

“I appreciate the effort and creativity but the proportions are weird and everything's so bulky.” [Morphe]

“To me, it doesn't look serious enough. It looks like they just threw some fabrics on the models and sewed it in a few places. It's a mess of bad styling and bad proportions.” [TianSoFine]



“This pains me so much to say but this was a train wreck on so many different levels.” [lelaid]

“Street style photowhore items galore. The hair looks like something you come up with when Katsuya Kamo isn't available.” [MulletProof

“The casting is perfect, the clothes are not.” [liberty33r1b]

“I can't take the clothes seriously because of how terrible the hair and makeup were. Everyone looked awful. But in all honestly, the collection wasn't much better either.” [MyNameIs]

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Images: IMAXtree