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Colorful, dreamy and fanciful creations were the staple of Buenos Aires Fashion Week’s last edition, which closed on August 23 at La Rural Exhibition Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

As the most important event of Argentine fashion, BAF Week brings the most successful corporate and independent designers to launch their collections for the Spring-Summer 2009 season.

The event featured over 40 runway shows and more than 40 showrooms that provided exclusive spaces for designers to promote their labels.

An environmentally friendly philosophy set the pace at the event, where Argentina’s natural resources served as inspiration for most of the showroom collections and two of the runway show collections.

Fashion label Juana de Arco decided to play with pure organic motifs, while Ona Saez, a well known Argentine brand, offered green tips through its line of t-shirts and their clothes’ tags in order to educate consumers.

The most recognized designers and brands that participated in BAF Week with their own fashion shows include: Puma, Vicky Otero, Ricky Sarkany, Wanama, Cecilia Gadea, Mariana Dappiano, Ayres, Vero Ivaldi, Mariano Toledo, Rapsodia, Flavia Martini, Spina, Prüne, Juana de Arco, Adidas, Kukla, Kostume, María Cher, Lacoste, Cora Groppo, A. Y. Not Dead, Ona Saez, Araceli Pourcel and Nadine Zlotogora.

The main objective of BAF Week is to stimulate the textile industry and position Buenos Aires as a fashion capital, and that objective is not unrealistic.

The quality of the Spring/Summer ’09 event was of such high stature, that it put Argentina on fashion calendars all over the world.

Photos courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.