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Getting to Know Kate Bock, Sports Illustrated’s Rookie of the Year

Sports Illustrated Rookie of the Year Kate Bock

Leonardo DiCaprio in Growing Pains, Michelle Williams in Dawson's Creek, James Franco in Freaks and Geeks… every major star must get his/her start somewhere. Unlike the oft cringe-worthy pasts of certain Hollywood heavy hitters, it's safe to say Sports Illustrated's Rookie of the Year alumni are more than proud to wave their debut issue in the faces of ex-boyfriends everywhere.

This list includes the likes of Brooklyn Decker, Anne V. and Kate Upton (you may have heard of them) and as of March 2013, a fresh-faced stunner by the name of Kate Bock. I caught up with the Vancouver-based centerfold in between snaps to get her take on newfound fame.

Julie Bensman: Congrats on being named Sports Illustrated’s Rookie of the Year! How did you find out?

Kate Bock: Thank you! I knew the date it was being announced so I was checking the SI swim website constantly. All of a sudden, the video of me thanking everyone for voting showed up! It was so exciting.

JB: The Rookie of the Year alumni includes some major names. How do you feel about now being included in the club?

KB: It’s really such an honor — an exciting and amazing list to be added to. I hope and wish and pray I can one day be a major name for another girl to look up to.

JB: How were you first discovered?

KB: At the pool in my hometown by my mother agent, Liz Bell.

JB: Many models are now crossing over between swimsuit, editorial and runway. How do you see your modeling career progressing?

KB: I really love this profession — especially the fact that every job is totally different from the last. I want to do amazing, creative fashion editorials, but I also love beachy swim shoots and family catalog clients. I like to stay busy with a mix of things.

JB: Describe your personal sense of style.

KB: I'm into basics…most of my closet is black, white and grey. To add to those, I have my favorite jackets, scarves or shoes. They make a classic outfit more exciting, like adding a little bit of spice.

JB: Who are some of your favorite designers?

KB: I love Isabel Marant, Rag and Bone, Iro. I also love Aritzia, Theory and Zara for basics.

JB: Top beauty secrets?

KB: Sleep!! Nothing works magic like good sleep. That, and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

JB: I know you travel quite a bit [Editor’s Note: Kate was filming an ad campaign at Joshua Tree when we spoke]. What are your top travel essentials?

KB: I do travel so much — I have packing down to an art! I always make sure to have a great moisturizer, lip balm and eye mask for any flight. Planes get so dry…I bought those light Nike running shoes that weigh nothing so I throw them in my carry-on. I feel a sweat after a flight helps to make me feel refreshed. And I always make sure to drinks tons of water.

JB: What have you found to be the biggest misconception about the modeling industry?

KB: I find that most people assume models are constantly surrounded by an entourage of friends and family. We do travel a lot and meet new people at jobs but all the coming and going (which is many hours!) is a solo job. So we've all had to learn be good, strong independent girls.

JB: What's the last thing you Googled?

KB: I met Gilbert Gottfried at a Rangers game the other night and knew he was going to be on Wife Swap, so I googled what date and time to tune in – hah!

images: Sports Illustrated