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Henry Holland Talks Sportsgirl, Granny Prints and Bringing London Style to the Streets of Sydney

Alpha60, Antipodium, Richard Nicoll, An Ode to No One: There are a few things all past ‘Sportsgirls Like’ collaborators have in common, and being insanely cool is one of them. For its most recent capsule, the wallet-friendly brand has teamed up with sartorial eccentric Henry Holland, and tonight he’s in Sydney to promote the collection in-store. Before the ridiculously long plane trip, we stole a few minutes of his time to chat about his famously cheeky brand and his impending milestone birthday. FYI Henry, 30 is not old. 

Hannah Ongley: Are there any Australian designers you have had your eye on recently?

Henry Holland: Dion lee is doing really well and has been showing in London for the last few seasons, I think his stuff is great. 

HO: What similarities do you see between the way girls dress in London and in Sydney?

HH: Other than the obvious climate differences, I think Aussie girls definitely have their own style. When I was designing the collection for Sportsgirl, I tried to create something the Aussie girls would like. 


HO: Are there any common threads running through this capsule and the Nana Rave collection you presented at London Fashion Week? The patchwork prints are very 'grandma chic'…

HH: This season our muses were eccentric older ladies, grannies with crazy coloured hair and arms full of jewellery. The collection for Sportsgirl also plays strongly on a print story that was inspired by patchwork quilts. While they are quite graphic, they also evoke memories and feelings of my childhood and comfort.

HO: Where do you imagine girls wearing your clothes when you’re designing them?

HH: I really don't mind where people wear my pieces as long as they make them feel good!

HO: A lot of critics were calling your London collection a more sophisticated, grown-up one than your previous outings. Is that something you were conscious of when designing it, or will House of Holland always be youthful and irreverent?

HH: I think as I grow up and mature then naturally my eye and tastes do too, so I think that this will be reflected in the collections. I did want to make the show a more sophisticated one but it will always have a youthful irreverent reference point. 

HO: Do you have anything fun planned for your 30th birthday?

HH: Whhhyyyyy?! Stop reminding me! Yes I'm having a big party at my mum’s place in France for all my mates. And then it will never be spoken of again that I am OLD. 


Images courtesy of Tailor Maid Communications