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21 Questions with… Jill Martin

As if being a fashion expert, New York Knicks broadcaster, New York Times best selling author, and Today Show contributor wasn't keeping her busy enough, Jill Martin has now teamed with QVC to launch a line of fashionable home organization accessories, The Martin Project.

Here the multi-tasking maven answers our 21 questions.

1. When I get up in the morning the first thing I think is… what do I have to do today?

2. If I don't get enough sleep… stay away…I am VERY cranky.

3. The inspiration behind my QVC line was... my need for items that were functional but also fashionable. 

4. When it comes to organization… I am a big believer! 

5. My biggest fashion pet peeve… crop tops. Never allowed.

6. If my days had one more hour in them… I would work for 25 hours.

7. The item in my closet I currently wear the most is… my Sundry sweatpants and sweatshirt.21 Questions with… Jill Martin

8. I'm dying to splurge on… ANYTHING with a red bottom.

9. The best gift I ever received… my mother gave me a trip to Paris, which wins by far.

10. On a typical Saturday night… during Knicks season I am usually at a game….I get in at 5pm….game ends around 10:30-11pm then I catch SNL.

11. The biggest challenge to writing my books…  getting in the zone.

12. When prepping for QVC I always think... problem– solution.

13. When I'm stressed I…. eat (unfortunately).

14. My beauty must-haves… bronzer, Kiehl's lip balm and Kai Oil.

15. No day goes by without… me talking to my mother.

16. When it comes to exercising I… HATE it..but I do it with my trainer Rich 5 days a week.

17. The biggest mistake men make when it comes to fashion is… wearing pants that are too short.

18. The biggest mistake women make when it comes to fashion is… wearing things JUST because they are trendy.

19. As a die hard sports fan... I grew up at Knicks fan, a Yankees fan and a Giants fan. I went to my first Knicks game when I was 5 ….now I work there. A dream come true.

20. The most memorable celerity interview I ever did… I would say interviewing Lady Gaga was beyond interesting. She is interesting, smart & off-the-charts creative.

21. I'm always happy when… I am with my family.