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Day 2 of Japan Fashion Week was also great one and brought forth styles from across the board. Support Surface showed early on in the day and presented a very practical and wearable collection that avoided the trap of being boring. Wide, cropped trousers paired with fitted tops and lace up shoes provided an array of casual, yet sharp ensembles. The color palette was neutral and a bit muted with the occasional bright colored accent garment – all in all a solid and wearable collection.

One of the day’s main highlights was the absolutely fantastic Kamishima Chinami collection. Bold cuts, shapes and silhouettes set the scene and the details followed through with plenty of drama. Soft fabrics were mixed with harder edged accessories, playful fringe and unexpected but gorgeous detailing on the garments.

The metallic accents on some of the pieces were stunning and were comprised of many rows of tightly grouped safety pins. The outerwear of the collection is great as well, some classic cuts as well as some new shapes with thoughtful details.

Ato was the last brand to show yesterday and what a way to end things with a bang. We have seen plenty of color in the collections so far, but nothing like Ato, who showcases a palette filled with intense neons and metallic pieces. Some odd and asymmetrical cuts make this show stand out in addition to the colors.

The accessories, a sort of seatbelt-suspenders hybrid, are also very eye-catching.

Photos courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.