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As the third day of Japan Fashion Week passed, with it came some more inspiring shows. Up first was the always delightful Everlasting Sprout to set the pace – and what a great way to begin the day.  A gorgeous color palette of pastels and muted tones gave the collection an aesthetically pleasing softness.

The fabrics used varied quite a bit, giving the collection as a whole a great range of textures. The pieces all have a certain young quirkiness to them, despite the theme seemingly being a sort of grandma-chic. Cropped baggy pants with large and comfortable looking pockets and drape-y cardigans with cute details are some of the more prominent looks. The models have simple makeup, consisting of just rosy cheeks and the hairstyle is fitted grey wigs with little curls as accents, and overall the presentation really enhances the collection itself.

Around midday, Junya Tashiro’s collection hit the runway. Innovative as ever, Tashiro’s work this season is nothing short of a dream. The clothing has such magical elements and overall vibe but remains to be very wearable and sharp. The range of pieces is fantasic; from short and casual dresses to amazingly intricate gowns. 

Lots of layers without being overpowering, tons of tiered ruching and incredibly warm colors make this collection an absolute dream. The styling of the show was good as well, providing a great mix of structured tops and jackets paired with the very voluminous skirts, creating overall stunning silhouettes.

Last but not least, on the roster for Day 3 was Boutique Nicole. A collection presumably for a younger crowd, Boutique Nicole’s color palette consisted of bright and neon colors with some neutrals sprinkled in as well.

Busy prints, including floral, geometrical, striped and plaid were a major theme in the collection. Some great crochet pieces were also seen throughout, from white to colorful ones. It definitely stood out from other collections and was a fun way to close out the day. 


Photos courtesy of theFashionSpot forums.