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On Day 4 of Japan Fashion Week there is no shortage of wonderful designs for us to feast our eyes on. Matohu showed early on in the day and the collection is just great. Probably one of the most practical collections we’ve seen this week, but not lacking on the imaginative front in the least.

The stunning print work and lovely patterns really steal the show but there’s much more to fixate on. A great mix of textures gives the looks some depth and the warm color palette is divine. A bit reminiscent of Dries Van Noten but not at all unoriginal, this show is filled with flattering, comfortable and very pretty clothing that most women would look great in.

Masahiko Saito’s show was a change of pace in that it seemed to have sort of a distinguished-woman-out-on-the-town vibe to it. Richer looking fabrics provide a more luxurious and mature feel, without being flashy or tacky.

The silhouettes are very drastic; from large and billowing gowns to more structured individual pieces with great cuts. The color palette echoes the fabric in that they’re also very warm and heavy tones for spring.

G.V.G.V. wrapped up Day 4 and it certainly went out with a bang. If there was any lack of drama today, G.V.G.V. definitely brought it in full force. Zipper detailing and fluorescent accentual colors are just a few of the snazzy details this show had to offer.

Tighter fitting garments provided for an overall slim silhouette and the construction of them is quite well done. Sleek bobs and neon lipstick on the models enhanced some of the looks well, particularly some of the more stand-out looks such as the color blocked mini dresses.

Photos courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.