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21 Questions with… Restaurateur and EBOOST Co-Founder John McDonald

We ask serial entrepreneur, co-founder of EBOOST, and the man behind B&B, Lure Fishbar, MercBar, El Toro Blanco and Tasting Table, John McDonald, our 21 questions.

1. When I get dressed in the morning I think…leather boots, running shoes or Vans. 

2. If my days had one extra hour I would…try to learn a new language.

3. On a typical Saturday night I…work, run around to check on my restaurants and meet friends for late dinner, usually 10:30 p.m. or later.

4. When it comes to opening a restaurant in NYC, I always tell people…you have to really know the customer you are looking to own on a weekly basis.

5. When I'm looking to de-stress I…workout, run, or do anything physical to just let things go.

6. I would never leave my apartment without…my Samsung IV, the camera on it is remarkable now and I take a lot of photos of food, wine, furniture, etc. for ideas.

7. When hiring people, the qualities I value most are…high energy, positive attitude and love to work, all work.

8. My favorite meal always includes…great wine and people. 

9. I developed EBOOST because…I was a fan of a few European vitamin brands, but wanted all the same benefits plus green tea for the boost. It was a niche my partner and I thought we could attack with the right branding and legit product recipe.

10. I drink EBOOST…before my morning workout and at 3 p.m. instead of coffee.

11. My favorite healthy foods include…grilled plain salmon with Siracha on the side, any type sashimi, 22 Days protein bars, pressed green juices and Boku Superfood.

12. My guilty pleasure is…it may sound cliché, but I have none.  

13. When it comes to my workout routine…I try to avoid routine or repeating something very often, it’s the enemy of real results.

14. I'm dying to splurge on…a two-week summer trip starting in Croatia, no other plans just one day at a time or maybe two.

15. When I found out this celebrity was an EBOOST fan I was particularly excited…Hugh Jackman. The guy works and works out like a Wolverine!

16. You'd never catch me wearing…baggy clothes.

17. When it comes to vitamins/supplements I think…take them — unless you eat the perfect diet, the odds are you can supplement your body wisely.

18. I never travel without…iPad, Jambox speaker, Bose headphones and EBOOST.

19. The last thing I Googled…was a travel itinerary for my last-minute trip. 

20. The most relaxing vacation I ever took…not sure, I don’t travel to relax, I travel to travel and explore. I relax with activity so any vacation with action, sun or snow is what I prefer.

21. The key to starting your own business is…just start it. Most fail before they begin — they over-think, talk, evaluate and usually never get out of the gate.