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Fashion wunderkind Alexander Wang presented a more sporty collection (there were even sweatpants), for Spring 2009. The sporty-tint was a welcome relief from all the flowing silk, washed-out fabrics, and feminine-detailing that have been flooding the runway this season. Not to say that the collection wasn’t the expected Wang-downtown-hipster cool, and it was most certainly, despite being sporty, not lacking in sex-appeal or edge (cropped shirts, lace bodysuits, high-waist short shorts, black fringed leather platform sandals).

There were some welcome pops of pastel (Wang was partly inspired by Miami), alongside the otherwise mostly black, white, and gray color-palette along with a nice mix of draped and more tailored looks. Wang also presented, for the first time, swimwear.

For all the ladies looking to wear Wang out at night, there were plenty of dresses, skirts, and beautifully draped tops that are sure to make their way on the bodies of the too cool for school crowd who love Wang’s design.

Where Rag & Bone failed, Alexander Wang succeeded. He delivered a refreshingly interesting take on downtown style, even if not all of it was wearable.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.