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Giles surprised us with his Spring/Summer collection with a cleaner and more wearable collection that was inspired by the graphic designers he grew up admiring.

He delivered a collection of mostly dresses, with Edie Sedgwick inspired make-up.

The elegant neat and tight figures would have been dull if it weren’t for the bright colors, although the majority of the looks were covered in prints; camouflage and smudged polka dots with a lot of fine adjustments that Giles has gotten us used to.  Some of the looks had a Jackie O. vibe, perhaps influenced by the U.S elections and Bruni-Sarkozi.

What’s great about the collections Giles shows us is that they always have a playful child-like spirit.  He never puts on a show without a little humor in it, and that was very visible when the models came storming down the runway in odd Pac Man helmets, or the Pac Man embroidered dress (eating a pill) on Jessica Stam.

Giles can lose track of the actual woman and eat her up with his designs. But this time he proved the contrary and made beautiful wearable clothes that will also inspire upcoming content in magazines.


All images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.