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Japanese designer Oka Masako was making eco-friendly fashion using soybeans, corn, bamboo and silk long before it was the newest thing on this Fall’s runways.
Masako is known for using ecologically friendly fabrics and creating light, transparent garments embroidered with flowers and leaves. She began tapping organic textiles 13 years ago.
"I show the theme of ecology on my clothes to represent the sense of peace and calm nature has given me," Masako said before her show at Mexico’s Fashion Week last Friday. "It has more to do with a (personal) symbiosis"
Masako created the ECOMACO brand in 2003, and has built a reputation as a fashion designer whose creations are biodegradable. She has even created her own thread using fermented corn syrup.

Besides being environmentally friendly, her designs are also practical. Many can be machine washed.
"They are clothes that can be used in everyday life. You can’t even feel what you’re wearing, they are like a second skin," she said. "If it’s good for the environment, it must be good for you as well."
Masako says people aren’t yet ready to spend more money for eco-friendly fabricts, but she believes they will be. "Just as people are concerned about getting safe (organic) food, they will eventually spend money" on these clothes.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.