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Q: How was this collection born?

A: It all started from the idea of speed, which, as the futurists did, I decided to interpret as dynamic. From this, all the different form of fringes that characterize this collection. Held by a crochet decoration, free and falling, monochrome or even printed, at times held by a double layer of chiffon, fringes create a special movement that, in an apparent disorder, creates constantly changing and dynamic volumes, expressing a surprising progression of movement, just through the fringes assuming a vibrant rhythm. I wanted to re-create the same dynamic characteristics of the fringes through laser cuttings on light fabrics and even with crochet knitwear. The shape instead is linear and clean. Straight dresses, the comeback of thin trousers, short on the ankle, shorts to be worn under mini-dresses, pencil skirts and long dresses with flat shoes or high heels: everything contributes to build a new silhouette, more complex, with the chance to add (a jacket, a bustier and a cape) but also to remove and simplify.

With this double vision of dynamism through "movement” and “vibration" I held firm to my own way of interpreting fashion and the final result of my clothing; lightness. I believe this collection uses soft tones to fully express its significant content.

Q: Who is that collection for? What kind of woman do you like to dress? Which woman chooses Alberta Ferretti?

A: I like to dress curious women that want to be beautiful.

Q: And how does this woman look?

A: Nowadays charm makes the difference between one woman and another. That charm derives from a strong sensuality but it is whispered, and gives women a great freedom and priceless independence.

Q: In what sense?

A: I’m tired of women that dress according to precise rules. I do prefer a woman that knows how to impress through her originality because difference is more rewarding than homologation. Today homogeneity makes us find the same things at every corner of the world. Everything looks exactly the same. Even the women that have always known that differentiation is a reward, today look and dress in a very similar way anywhere. I like to believe that fashion is able to feed and solicit the fantasy which today is not very expressed.

Q: Why have you expressed this whole concept with the fringes?

A: Because the fringes create movement, they solicit fantasy trough their apparent disorder and express lightness. And lightness is fundamental to face the reality and its issues with more awareness.

The consciousness of dynamism and speed that I wanted to express with the fringes, instead expresses of a new concept not only of volumes but also of space and time. A new time and space that women now claim for themselves.

Q: What do you think about woman in politics today?

A: I think it is very interesting what is happening in the USA with the presidential election. Two men are candidates, Barak Obama and John McCain, yet the political debate is conditioned by two women: Hilary Clinton and Sarah Palin.

Two very different themes and approaches to politics yet always very feminine.

This is very peculiar: once again men have managed to “place” women in the background, but the power of women demonstrates how important they are at the highest political levels, as they focus on the reality, very much interesting for each citizen.

For this reason, I believe that Americans would have shown more courage if the candidate for President was a woman.

Q: What do you think about the economy?

A: What we hear and read does not paint us a nice pink picture of our future. The financial crisis of big finance groups and international banks has had unfortunate repercussions on the world wide economy.

Perhaps now is the moment to start cementing for the long term future and to stop profiting on the immediate earnings, which are the result of financial speculations that are ephemeral and do not last.

Finance and economy belong to a world which is mainly masculine. Who knows if women would be able create a vision that is much more ethical and less aggressive…They should let us try.