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Robert Cavalli has finally opened the doors to his very first nightclub located in a 15th-century deconsecrated church in Florence. The Italian designer is slated to open another club in Dubai at the end of January along with a third in Milan in February.

Cavalli told WWD that in a prelude to his return to his namesake home collection, Cavalli Club merchandise — from lamps and cutlery, to china and glassware – will be sold at his Dubai Club.

The designer continues by saying that he feels that he has uncovered a real jewel with the location of his Florence nightclub which is located near the 13th-century Basilica di Santa Maria del Carmine, adorned with Renaissance masterpieces by artists such as Masaccio and Masolino.

Cavalli is said to have invested 3 million euros into this project, but he adds –“I know Florentines will criticize this decor because it’s hard for them to get used to mixing modernity and tradition, and it would certainly have been easier to go with classic Florentine designs, but I wanted to convey my own style. I like the juxtaposition of innovation and restoration. There is harmony in blending present and past, and I think this is an avant-garde locale that was missing in Florence. Excess is success.”


Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.