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Buenos Aires has always been on my list of places to go to, with no fashion-related agenda other than I just want to go.  I’d like to dramatically declare one day “I’m going to Buenos Aires!” and flee off with a battered suitcase.  Until that fateful day though, it’s a pleasure discovering such a wide array of designers from something starker like Jessica Trosman to someone like Nadine Zlotogora (thanks to a reader tip-off…).

You scroll through her S/S 09 collection and can’t help but be ‘charmed’.  Not in that sneering way that ladies say ‘Charmed’ but you just can’t help but be endeared to her clothes.  Or perhaps that’s just my inner love of all things mish-mash-cute… Tsumori Chisato and mercibeaucoup come to mind.  It’s difficult to stick a duck/hen motif and make them work without a proper judgement of fabrics (I’d love to delve into Zlotogora’s fabric scrap box), colours and textures which Zlotogora perfects here…


Her previous A/W/08 collection was a starker affair but not without that Old World charm.