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I get overly excited at fabric shops and usually come home with yards and yards of material that actually will end up crumpled, unused and useless in a corner somewhere.  I never seem to learn, as I always end up with difficult fabrics like tulle which apart from making poor renditions of a tutu, is just scratch fabric that is hard to work with.


bARBARA l gONGINI‘s S/S 09 collection and actually previous collections teaches me not to play with tulle if you don’t know what you’re doing.  Her experimental knitwear with 3m wide lengths of tulle makes dresses and tops that are both out and in control.  Out of control, because it looks like tulle is exploding all over the body.  


She’s in control because she has kept to one colour and up close the construction means that she didn’t just knot lengths of tulle randomly together (like I’d do…).  


This is not really for lovers of simple lines and minimal fuss since these pieces are so commanding.  There are definite hints of Comme in her work but I think there’s a cleanliness and preciseness about it too that differs it from Comme.    

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