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As far as diffusion lines go, Emporio Armani has always been one of my favorites.

For Fall/Winter 2009 the Emporio Armani collection was chic, pulled together, and a collection that would not only go well from day to evening, but despite a youthfulness, will appeal to a wide age demographic.

The designer showed ruffles on a number of pieces – and unlike many others, who can’t seem to add the detail without creating an overly frilly, dated look, the results at Armani – whether on coats or tops – were welcoming.

That said, I had to wonder whether some of the outfits shared an inspiration with Vivienne Westwood’s Red Label collection this year – not because the looks are anything alike, but because Westwood’s inspiration (naughty boarding school girls and wicked headmistresses), seems to fit this collection.

Complete with snug hats, knee high socks, and tights the collection, at the very least, had a naughty school girl meets Blair Waldorf feel.

The tailoring, as is always the case with Armani, was clean and sleek and though some critics may call this collection boring and lacking innovation, Armani creates clothes – especially given the mostly dark palette of this particular collection – that truly stand the test of time.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.