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The show opened with a knee-length, belted coat of matte blacks with the small contrasting detail of a single line of evenly spaced glass beads sewn from the neck, along the angular shoulders and down to the wrists.

The same blacks were matched with deep consuming velvets and more sparkling metal details. Often the blacks morphed into almost-purples brought to life with lavender suede shoes.

Man is in control. The shoulders and necklines put the head on a stand of elegance and pure power.

Suddenly, artificial man collapses and gives way to the almighty power of nature.

Woolen froth dominates the body, the sleeves reaching just below the elbows, and just covering the cinching belt, as if still in the process of enveloping the model.

A belt pierces a silver growth as if intruding on its habitat, in the next moment the same belt slots through seams of a coat that could easily be made of corrugated iron. It appears again and again, locating the waist so your gaze doesn’t get lost amongst the textures, some of which glisten.

The lichen patterns and textures almost completely dominate the human form until man takes back control, only to give way again to the force of nature. It returns in fur with bursts around the neck mounted on a sheared and belted coat.

The show ends with ultra-simple floor length gowns of velvet and silk, sculpting the body. The triangular neckline of one was perpendicular with the shoulders while centimeter gaps spiraled around the body in the same dress, revealing the bare flesh of the undeniably human model.

Images excerpted from the Fashion Spot forums.