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A collection of odd contrasts (and some sparkly ones at that), Ru du Mail’s Fall 2009 runway show was a mixture of metallic tweeds, leather, silk prints and velvets for a very tailored party girl with a sophisticated edge. The collection hinted at the middle ages with a very updated, asymmetrical feel. One prominent trend seen throughout was the hood, which was worn several ways including over the head, unzipped and open, or draped in the shape of a cowlneck for versatility. The messy glitter makeup and thrown back hair in an undone ponytail hinted at a youthful clientele, but the design and construction of these little beauties were all grown up.

A long tuxedo jacket, tweed dress and metallic wrap look edgy when paired together without losing their classic uniqueness.

Chiffon, metallic tweed and silk crepe create a sweet little cocktail number with a bit of toughness.

A raincoat with an asymmetrical zipper and beaded sleeves revisit a warrior look from the middle ages.

A dress with a pleated hip inserts added emphasis on the hip and evoked a vintage feel while remaining modern in metallic tweed and leather.

Prints did not look busy when paired with shiny fabrics and velvet for a beautiful contrast of heavy and light.

Abnormal shapes and layering of textures added avante garde personality to the rocker girl collection.

Overall, this was a collection of unique pieces with plenty of shine and edge. Exceptional tailoring adds a grown up feel to these party girl clothes, making them appropriate for those of us over 20.