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During that time of the day when the first rays of sunrise can be seen peeking over the horizon, and all the clubs have long-since make their “last-call” (all but the “after-hours” venues of course) is where Ennio Capasa found the inspiration for his Costume National Fall collection.  Capasa’s girl looked like she had come to the end of an adventurous night out with dark eye make-up, red lipstick, and disorderly hair.   

Party-istas went out in sparkling blue dresses, skirts with exposed zippers, and skinny rocker pants. Asymmetric one-shoulder duchesse satin dresses with ragged edges came in orange-red and black, strapless dresses combined gold crinkled leather and black wool.  And there were more subdued pieces, oversized boyfriend jackets (perhaps offered by her date that evening to keep her warm) in gray wool with leather binding along the lapels, loose yarn bomber jackets, as well as an evening sophisticate black Persian lamb coat. 

Compared with previous seasons, Capasa’s collection offered fewer options in the well tailored daywear department, but apparently, global recession or not, Caspasa’s girl is going to continue enjoying her night out on the town, so who needs daywear anyway?

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.