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Chanel Fall Winter 2009

Sharon Feiereisen

This season Karl Lagerfeld titled his Fall/Winter Chanel collection “Belle Brummell,” as an ode to Beau Brummell who is credited with creating the modern suit.

Fittingly, the collection was heavy on black suiting – plus a short pale green and light pink moment for a dash of youthfulness.

Besides suiting, there was a hearty dose of little black dresses, jumpers, and tweet pieces, many accented with carefully crafted dainty ruffles and pleats.

The collection was centered mostly on daywear and the eveningwear looks that were relatively understated.

Though it’s worth noting that a number of the long dresses Lagerfeld showed were created with almost shockingly high slits, it was all in good fun because this season’s collection was full of timelessly, understated and elegant pieces that will no doubt withstand the test of time like only Chanel can. 

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.