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I never thought I would see so much mathematics in the fashion industry, but lately, memories of my 9th grade geometry lessons are showing up on the runways. Wunderkind’s Fall 09 collection, inspired by Suprematism, the Russian art movement that focused on geometric forms, couldn’t get enough of the graphic theme. Squares in shades of aqua paired with black and white pinstripes and Mad Hatter top-hats all mixed together for one jumbled look that overwhelmed the eye. Looks included printed, chiffon dresses worn with matching leggings and wool coats decorated with large topstitching that gave a “Raggady Ann” feel to the impeccably tailored clothing. An unexpected turn of prints with cheetahs and deer images entered the scene that didn’t quit make sense. However, under all of the print madness there were some vey beautiful pieces with exquisite tailoring.
The collection begins strong with a series of looks in black that really show off the designer’s eye for structure and constructions details.

Stripes and squares get introduced into the black and then paired together for a dramatic look that’s slightly blinding.
Forest, animal prints in shades of brown and beige are seen on chiffon dresses, wool coats and are worked in with geometric pieces.
The collection finishes of with looks reminiscent of Suprematism paintings as models walked covered from head to toe in fully printed chiffon dresses, with matching leggings and shoes.
Perhaps a little blinding at times, the collection was creative and well made and definitely one that will get noticed this season.
Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.